I'm a Five year old child, and i don't know much, but i do know one thing... I like whiskey. Mcmidas

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Jackyl Piss

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[14 Jul 2005|05:06am]
WOW... my journal is funny.

hey mcmidas, im mcmidas
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[22 Feb 2005|10:35am]
I am the smell of multiple women, in one uneventful evening...
I am the trust that those girls feel for me...
folding melting like plastic in an oven..
and the stinch..
yeah im that horrible smell of it burning.
and the sudden thought of is my house burning down.
damn, all that food gone to waste, all that love gone a rye.
I'm sick as hell, and i don't mean throwing up but this room is spinning.
no i don't mean throwing up but my veins are pulsing, and im getting cold sweats,
i'm nearly passing out, i mean im nearly blacking out.
oh man, here we go again... a houndred more watts.. and im going to die.
so get that metal away from my face, im ripping this hospital robe off, and im calling it quits.
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Glue [12 Oct 2004|03:33am]
Grass is the carpet of nature...
i never take my socks off... but i can remember one day,
i only had to go outside for an instant to get something out of the car...
i was barefoot i don't really remember why... but i was, which is odd because i never take off my socks... it felt nice and made me realize the importance of grass.

I don't really know the value of anything in this world.
I don't really even know what i want from life, and i don't know what creates passion or what creates idea's or opinion, what things in life cause change... and why i am always changing my idea's...
I don't recognize that anyone else is alive..
i feel like it's just me..
everyone else is a cardboard cut out strategically placed in a labrynth that is life... and when you make it to the end there's a whole you fall into that represents never ending sleep.
Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home, welcome home...
we all try to be poetic about emotion
we all try to be sensitive to our own needs..
we all fake something, we all have secrets, but do we?
i feel like i dont really have any secrets, i feel im just to forgetful to recognize any mistakes i might have made...
why do things of the past even matter at all...
everything seems to just erase itself...
everything from yesterday and beyond... seems like odd actualities,
eh, blah blah blah...

sing,dance,be loved, sing,dance,be loved.

I'm the kind of guy...
who will allow you to attempt to understand me...
but please don't expect me to want to understand, or know who you are...
my ears are numb, let's go lay down... and please let me do the talking.
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[30 Aug 2004|01:59am]
Yo, i got that david byrne cd, GROWN BACKWARDS...
that thing is off the chain, on the real deal holy feild, i can't stop listening to the live version of handsome devil and dancing on my bed, and singing in falsetto till the break of dawn...
for real i think my singing is getting better, i want to have an opratic feel to it, for when i start doing shows again, my break from music is a weary one, im looking forward to finding a tangable band, its almost as important as finding a girlfriend,
but im not settling for anyone who's favorite band isnt the smiths, the talking heads would be acceptable too.... maybe even bowie, or... the shins i guess.

nothing less...

but hey, im going to kill myself next week anyway, whats up hitlah
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[09 Jul 2004|03:34am]
If I were a decade, I'd be: The 80's cause the pussy was hot, so was the pizza
If I were a month, I'd be: Feb, because you have to hate that month.
If I were a day of the week, I'd be: tuesday, cause your weeks not even half over bitch
If I were a time of day, I'd be: 7 A.M. cause your either just waking up or just going to sleep... either way it sucks because you realize your life is shit, unless you've been sleeping since 1 and can sleep in... then your life might be ok
If I were a planet, I'd be: Saturn, because perry saturn is the worst fucking wrestler ever... who's special move is called the rings of saturn, a pussy thats who
If I were a direction, I'd be: East (hazeltine)
If I were a season, I'd be: winter, cause its cold, like my heart! EMOCOREXXX
If I were something cold, I'd be: i just said winter you cunt
If I were a sin, I'd be: nigga im satan
If I were an emotion, I'd be: sung about in a song.
If I were a tree, I'd be: straight up trunk
If I were a flower/plant, I'd be: a rose cause seal wrote a song about those bitches
If I were a mythical creature, I'd be: SATAN
If I were a sea animal, I'd be: Crab so i can snatch ya feets
If I could fly, I'd be: a pterodactyl cause they scream like a faggot
If I were an insect, I'd be: roach the papa one of course
If I were a color, I'd be: Green, cause the grass is green.
If I were a movie, I'd be: The wedding planner
If I were a book, I'd be: the satanic bible
If I were a cartoon character, I'd be: steam boat willy
If I were an object, I'd be: a toaster that always burns your toast
If I were a piece of furniture, I'd be: that ugly ass table you never get rid of
If I were a writing utensil, I'd be: a feather
If I were a number, I'd be: 8 cause sideways thats infinate and that is my lifespand
If I were a letter, I'd be: Q
If I were a shape, I'd be: circle
If I were a liquid, I'd be: piss falling on a girls face
If I were a fruit, I'd be: Mango cause they are fun
If I were a vegetable, I'd be: unable to move?
If I were a cereal, I'd be: Golden grahms, or Cin toast crunch
If I were a candy/sweet, I'd be: let's just say i wouldnt be
If I were a beverage I'd be: Orange juice, cause its fucking awesome
If I were a meal of the day, I'd be: the one you vomit
If I were an instrument, I'd be: whoa, dont even ask me this question, a harp probably because i just think harps are amazing
If I were a pattern, I'd be: a waltz pattern
If I were a piece a clothing, I'd be: a cock pouch
If I were a ribbon, I'd tie myself around: your neck
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[16 Jun 2004|04:11am]

tell me what you think!
or else!!!!!!

yeah thats me screaming and singing.
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[13 Jun 2004|02:08am]
Here's what i didn't do last night... or the day before or ever,

called up and talked for hours on the phone, with someone i claimed to hate.
It's funny how little girls can just bounce from one insignificant to the other...
so silly, but to each their own, cling cling cling... my darling you are static, and my hair will not stand on end for you.
such a pity.

Elliott's got a new fetish... goth girls...
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[07 Jun 2004|04:29am]
What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnApril 19, 2012
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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[05 Jun 2004|03:09am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:08am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:07am]
Hey All, Quickie mcupdate for you, just wanted everyone to know life is shit you should cut your throat and everyone should vomit on top the corpse of a snoutfucked toddler fetus, and another thing you should know about me is that i'm.

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[05 Jun 2004|03:07am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:07am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:07am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:07am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:06am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:06am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:05am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:05am]
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[05 Jun 2004|03:05am]
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