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Grass is the carpet of nature...
i never take my socks off... but i can remember one day,
i only had to go outside for an instant to get something out of the car...
i was barefoot i don't really remember why... but i was, which is odd because i never take off my socks... it felt nice and made me realize the importance of grass.

I don't really know the value of anything in this world.
I don't really even know what i want from life, and i don't know what creates passion or what creates idea's or opinion, what things in life cause change... and why i am always changing my idea's...
I don't recognize that anyone else is alive..
i feel like it's just me..
everyone else is a cardboard cut out strategically placed in a labrynth that is life... and when you make it to the end there's a whole you fall into that represents never ending sleep.
Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home, welcome home...
we all try to be poetic about emotion
we all try to be sensitive to our own needs..
we all fake something, we all have secrets, but do we?
i feel like i dont really have any secrets, i feel im just to forgetful to recognize any mistakes i might have made...
why do things of the past even matter at all...
everything seems to just erase itself...
everything from yesterday and beyond... seems like odd actualities,
eh, blah blah blah...

sing,dance,be loved, sing,dance,be loved.

I'm the kind of guy...
who will allow you to attempt to understand me...
but please don't expect me to want to understand, or know who you are...
my ears are numb, let's go lay down... and please let me do the talking.
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Suspended comment

ladies and gentlemen, i request an audience.
instead of typing and re-typing, i'm only going to do this once and 'copy & paste' it to everyone.

someone else has been posting in my name. at first i thought it was kinda funny, even fun. but, i've realised that i don't like this person so fuck it, i'm done with him.
most of whats been said by him, has been mere banter directed towards me. but i don't like some of the other stuff. i have been known to play with slight vulgarity; with the intentions of pushing a few buttons and raising a few eyebrows. but this person has done things that i would call obscene, seamingly with the sole purpose to offend. i don't want to take part in that.

i've decided it best to go out with pride and sink my own ship rather than allow it to be apprehended by this pirate. and so, i ask of you to delete me from your friends list.
thank you.
whered are you all the tiome
luve yas peas