Jackyl Piss (jacks_coldsweat) wrote,
Jackyl Piss

I am the smell of multiple women, in one uneventful evening...
I am the trust that those girls feel for me...
folding melting like plastic in an oven..
and the stinch..
yeah im that horrible smell of it burning.
and the sudden thought of is my house burning down.
damn, all that food gone to waste, all that love gone a rye.
I'm sick as hell, and i don't mean throwing up but this room is spinning.
no i don't mean throwing up but my veins are pulsing, and im getting cold sweats,
i'm nearly passing out, i mean im nearly blacking out.
oh man, here we go again... a houndred more watts.. and im going to die.
so get that metal away from my face, im ripping this hospital robe off, and im calling it quits.
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