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Jackyl Piss
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your ugly, and im ugly. so fuck off.
acid rain, aids, allan iverson, and girlfriends, anti-intellegence, anti-oi, anti-street punk, authritis, baseketball, baskin robbins, being free, being smart, breaded veal cutlets, canadian bacon, cancer, cancer version 2.0, charades, choke, chuck p., cliffs, cup cakes, deathmetal!, ellepsis, emogination, fake id's, fifteen, guitarism, hamtaro, hardcoreking, harmonicist, heavy metal!, hemroids, hiv, hollywood, hot topic employees, hot wings, hunting spiders, hurt, invalid information, jesus, jmcd, john candy, johnny cash, leonard nemoy, licorice, loafers, lukimea, magnum p.i., mc, mcmidas, mini keychain bibles, misspelling, mountain climbing, ninjas, pregnancy test, sucking in peoples happiness, super man worst superhero, surfing, sylvia plath anti orginization, tennessee williams, the dark lotus dagger, the jetsons, the justice league, the poops, thomas the tank engine, tony clifton, train conductors, tranquilizers, warrant!, you deserve better but, you dont deserve me